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Released in early 2018!

One Brother's Revenge


This exciting and suspenseful novel again features the author's principle protagonist, Paul Waring. Set in several locations across the United States, this captivating story will prove to be a difficult book for readers to put down.

Murder Mysteries

MURDER in Murrells Inlet


 What does the controversy involving the Confederate flag have to do with the murders that occur in this story?

The Horry County Murders


As you read this exciting story, can you identify the person responsible for the series of murders that occur?

The Parliament MEN


While set in South Carolina, this intriguing story is loosely based on a homicide investigation which occurred several years ago in Connecticut, 

Civil War Novels

Confederate Gold and Silver


Based on a legend from the time of the American Civil War, this story follows the disappearance of the Confederate treasury. While the story ends in modern day Charleston, SC, it is one that history buffs will thoroughly enjoy.

The Journey North


What causes a Confederate soldier and a Union soldier to meet at Gettysburg in the hours before Picketts Charge? This story represents not only the brutality these soldiers endured, but also represents how Americans should treat each other in difficult times.

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